8 The best types of supplements for electronic games and sports

Video games are nothing new. They have existed since the late fifties. In fact, a very brief history lesson for you. It has been speculated that a nuclear physicist named William Higinbotham created the first video game in 1958 called “Tennis for Two” [1].

Video games have evolved a lot since then. Several genres have emerged; from action / adventure like Red Dead Redemption to specific sports games like Madden and MLB The Show.

Recently, however, the term “E-Sports” has been thrown around. What exactly is an “E-Sport” anyway?

Well, a study in the Journal of computers about human behavior defines it as:

“An area of ​​the game scene in which computer game players specialize in a specific game, form play teams (clans), compete together in tournaments and meet in so-called parts of LAN (Local Area Network) )” two].

It sounds like a sport, right? Of course, it may not be as physical as a traditional sport like hockey or soccer. However, this does not change the fact that it is still a sport, which is a competition between two or more people or teams that require particular skills to succeed in the given task that the sport needs.

Despite this explanation, it may still surprise some people that E-Sport competitions require immense preparation to play at a high level, like any other sport. This includes adequate training, nutrition, and yes, supplementation.

Games require cognitive abilities, such as a large cognitive workload, visuospatial abilities that help us perceive, recognize and manipulate visual stimuli, as well as a greater capacity for attention, among other cognitive abilities [3]. Because of this, we want to improve our skills as much as humanly possible to give us an advantage over our competition.

Without further delay, here is a list of supplements 8 that will help you get that mental advantage over your competitors.

8 useful supplements for professional players.


This is a topic, and you may already be taking it. But let’s find out exactly why it’s a great choice.

We all know that caffeine wakes you up. It is a fact. However, there are other variables that we must take into account when evaluating the effects of caffeine in the brain. In a double-blind study, caffeine could significantly improve a key variable in the game; Reaction time [4]. In addition, this was only shown at 75 mg, which is slightly less than the amount of caffeine in a small can of 8 Red Bull.

Another variable that we must take into account is the perceptual memory. Basically, this is the ability to differentiate ideas, concepts, patterns and individuals and classify them [5].

A caffeine study examined this variable by testing caffeine against naps and a placebo. What the study found was that caffeine could increase this type of memory at a dose of 200 mg better than the nap and placebo groups. 200 mg is approximately the amount of caffeine in a 5-hour energy injection [6].

How much to take

The key here is not to take too much caffeine to avoid common side effects such as nervousness and anxiety. I would suggest keeping your caffeine intake below 200 mg maximum every 4-6 hours.

However, the trial and error method is the best method to discover your tolerance, since tolerance to caffeine is highly individual and can be quite unpredictable.

Ginkgo biloba

Strange name, I know. Despite the original name, this is really fascinating because of what it has been able to do for the memory of patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia [7]. Unfortunately, however, it has not been proven to be as successful in the memory department for younger players.

BUT, what seems to improve in the youngest age groups are blood pressure and cortisol levels. When we get stressed, as we often do during stressful moments in sports, our blood pressure increases, in part because of what is often touted as the “stress hormone”; cortisol

Cortisol is released by the adrenal glands at times of high stress to prepare the body in dangerous scenarios that can damage the integrity of the body.

However, in modern society, this really is not as necessary as it once was, now that we live in civilized societies that are well fed, among many other reasons why we are not as “primitive” as before. were. Due to this, the excess release of cortisol can inhibit our abilities to perform well in the field of games, such as damaging our memory and concentrating [8].

In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study, the young volunteers of 70 were subjected to physical and mental stress tests (static exercise and memory test, respectively) [9]. It was shown that when Ginkgo was administered, blood pressure and cortisol were drastically reduced compared to when it was not administered to subjects.

This is very beneficial for the players, because if you can keep your stress levels as low as possible during a competition, then the memory will improve significantly, allowing you to concentrate more on your actions.

How much to take

Take 120 mg approximately one hour 1 before your training or competition. It should only be taken once a day and can be taken safely every day, even on non-competitive days to maintain stable blood levels.

Fish oil

You are probably aware of how fish oil is a good complement to general health, especially for heart health and cholesterol. While that is all that is good for our general well-being, what interests us the most is its ability to improve another type of memory; work memory.

Working memory is commonly referred to as short-term memory. It is responsible for the temporary retention of information and allows us to make quick, reasoned and guided decisions that are reflected in our behaviors [10].

In a study that examined working memory, volunteers received 2 grams of DHA (one type of fish oil) per day [11]. The researchers used a verbal work memory test that has been validated in many previous studies; associating DHA with improved working memory.

Essentially, the test requires subjects to monitor a series of letters on a screen and respond when a letter is identical to the one that preceded it one, two or three times before, with varying time intervals that are used.

The group that took the fish oil obtained better results in this test during the months of 6 than the group that did not take it. The researchers in this study believe that fish oil possesses this quality of cognitive improvement due in part to its anti-inflammatory effects.

However, additional reasoning has not yet been carried out on why fish oil works in this way.

How much to take

The use of grams 2 is a good place to start. The previous study used 2 grams. But to note, this was just from DHA, not from EPA.

DHA is one of the two main types of fish oil present in most supplements. These are the Omega 3 that you commonly hear. However, in the study, since the subjects only used DHA, I would only use that, since the addition of EPA did not prove to improve cognition and working memory in the study.

You can find isolated DHA supplements, as well as the traditional combined fish oil supplements of DHA and EPA in most vitamin and health food stores, as well as on the Internet.

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Try saying this 5 times fast. It’s all the sandwich. But you will be grateful when you take this supplement, as it has been proven to improve both the accuracy and speed of calculation in just 2 weeks! The 12]. These skills improved 13% and 20% respectively compared to the placebo group. As a complement, it is a very quick moment to observe the results.

No matter what the genre of the game used in the competition, both accuracy and speed of calculation are very important to be successful in the world of games and electronic sports. Whether you play in first person, like Call of Duty or the new game of the NHL, having a great precision will allow you to improve your accuracy in the shot or your wrist skills.

How much to take

The previous study used the most commonly used dose of 400 mg. Although they divide it into two different doses, this is not necessary, and you take it all in one dose if you wish.

Bacopa Monniera (Brahmi)

It has been shown that this supplement, also known more simply as brahmi, shows significant improvements in the speed of learning, the consolidation of memory and the visual processing of information. , And even anxiety compared to a placebo group [13]. However, one must be very patient when taking this supplement, since it takes up to 12 weeks to witness these effects.

In simple terms, this supplement will help you learn faster, store short-term memories in long-term memories, better interpret visual information and even calm your anxiety in times of great stress [14]. It is quite obvious that all these skills will be very useful for you in times of intense competition.

How much to take

Take 300 mg a day during weeks 12. It is very important to maintain this long-term regimen, as these effects take a long time to manifest.

Rhodiola rosea

Why does it seem that the best supplements are the most difficult to pronounce?

There are two important variables with which this supplement can not only help in a positive way, but both work hand in hand. The ones I’m talking about here are fatigue and cognition.

First, let’s talk about fatigue, or should I say anti-fatigue. In 2000, researchers conducted an interesting study on the mental performance of young doctors during night shifts [15]. What they discovered was that they were able to reduce doctors’ fatigue by an average of 20% in just 2 weeks, as illustrated by the so-called Total Fatigue Index, which is a validated measure of fatigue in the scientific literature.

As stated earlier, this goes hand in hand with the improved cognitive effect. Due to the anti-fatigue effects of Rhodiola rosea, physicians were able to drastically improve their performance in any task related to the work they were working on at that time.

Another study shows this point even more, since only 5 days of supplementation in military cadets, once again working at night, could significantly reduce fatigue and even improve overall well-being. This led the cadets to improve their mental work capacity in relation to the placebo group [16].

How much to take

These studies used doses ranging from 300 to 600 mg of Rhodiola Rosea. The use of more of this has not been more effective.

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For those of you who are worried about warts, I have the supplement for you. L-Theanine is one of the main active ingredients found in green tea, along with caffeine, which we analyzed earlier.

In one study, a visual attention task and an audio response test were administered. In addition, subjects gave self-reports of anxiety using a validated instrument called the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI).

The results obtained were a decrease in heart rate, a better performance of visual attention and a better reaction time, mainly among those who obtained high scores in the inventory of anxiety [17].

Unfortunately, the results were not as significant when it came to people with low average anxiety. Therefore, I would not bother with this supplement if it does not seem to suffer from generalized or competition-induced anxiety disorders.

However, for those who do, this supplement is a shipment from God. It allows you to calm down without being sedated (essentially induced to sleep). With this greater calm, it allows people with great anxiety to improve those key variables of reaction time and the performance of visual attention.

How much to take

200 mg is the optimal dose here. It can also be combined with caffeine for a synergistic effect that allows the wakefulness effect of caffeine with less chance of side effects such as anxiety and worry.

Panax ginseng

Ginseng has become an increasingly popular supplement in the nootropic world (cognitive improvement). Panax ginseng, sometimes called “true ginseng”, is the most researched type of ginseng, on which we will base our analysis.

The results of a particular study showed remarkable improvements in the scores of two well-known cognitive tests in the field of psychology; the task of subtraction of three in series and a task of rapid processing of visual information. All the subtraction task is that the subject has to count backwards from 100 by 7 accounts.

Both were taken together with a visual scale of mental fatigue. Together with the improved cognitive scores, the subjects felt much less fatigued according to the visual scale of mental fatigue [18].

How much to take

Take 400 mg to see so many cognitive benefits.

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Wrapping everything

Well, there you go, supplements of 8 to help you take your games to the next level and take home the title. In summary, here are the most important variables that these supplements will help improve:

  • Reaction time
  • Perceptual memory
  • Work memory
  • Anxiety
  • Visual attention performance / information processing
  • Fatigue
  • Cognition
  • Learning rate
  • Memory consolidation
  • Calculation speed
  • Accuracy

Now go out and win everything!